Responsive DotNetNuke Skins from DNNideascom are your way to the web of the future - each template of this kind has a script adapting the template layout for a proper width of a device that you browse the website with. Four major layout options are desktop screen width, tablet screen, smartphone and cell phone. Also, multiple secondary layout widths are included.
The 1140 Grid DotNetNuke Skin Pack

The 1140 Grid DotNetNuke Skin Pack

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The 1140 Grid DotNetNuke Skin Pack
1140 Grid adaptive width dynamic layout, Compatible Mobile Device and Desktop Screen, Great Blue color, total 21 panes to meet complex layout,including partial core module skins such as HTML, Feedback, total 11 containers, use the DNN default menu work with the latest DNN 5.5 and DNN6.x

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